World Refugee Day

It’s World Refugee Day today.

As we’ve been working to support refugees every single day for nearly a year now…we felt like we should be doing something / feeling something important or different or special today.

But then we realised, it’s just another day like any other..
Another day where thousands of families displaced due to war are wandering what to do next.
Another evening where thousands of parents are putting their children to sleep on the floor of wet, muddy tents.
Another night during which thousands of people will be tormented by nightmares of the traumatic past they are fleeing.

And tomorrow will be another morning…
Another morning where those thousands of people will wake up to realise that the nightmare is not yet over…

Today is just another day that our team worked in the Calais Jungle, striving towards making it a more dignified, more humane place for people to live.

We’re not sure anyone in the camp realised it was World Refugee Day today. I’m not sure people even identify as refugees. If fact, I’m pretty sure they just identify as people. As human beings. Human beings in a desperate situation; who can’t go back but have no way forward…

Today is just another day during which our team have given our everything to raising awareness, being the voice of those who are not heard, and making tangible, positive impact on the ground.

So make today the day you support us by donating to our work, so we can continue to do this, EVERY DAY.