Wifi update- rescue boat project

Check out our Wi-Fi guys (Nils, Rich and Samson)! They have taken to the water…!

They have been working tirelessly with the amazing guys at Atlantic Pacific International Rescue Boat Project (http://www.atlanticpacific.org.uk/) to see if they can improve the communication systems on the lifeboats they use.

This meant getting their wetsuits on and heading to Wales for the Atlantic Pacific training week, to see if getting Wi-Fi on these boats was possible or not.

It was not an easy task but the tests have gone incredibly well. We are hoping to revolutionise how these boats communicate and hopefully save more lives in the Med with our super cool and low-cost new technology.

The Wi-Fi guys are now back in the workshop in London, using their findings from this trip to put something together that can live permanently on these boats. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on our crazy new Wi-Fi system!

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