Why Should We Help?

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Why should we help?

We should help because one day it could be us, so easily, with just a twist of fate.
We should help because it’s the right thing to do.
We should help because our lives here are important and the lives of the people who need help are equally important. It’s the decent, human and most natural way to to want to behave when others are suffering.
We should help because we are one human race and in order to survive and flourish we need to act as one.

Throughout Europe there are thousands of abandoned people. Thousands of lost children.
In Calais alone, there are 608 unaccompanied minors.
Even one is too many.
This is replicated throughout Europe. Families are living on the streets, and for what? We have the ability, the resources to help them.

Even from a selfish point of view we should be helping…

What example of humanity are we setting for our children, and for the children that we are neglecting? An example of mistrust, judgement and hatred. We are creating the perfect melting pot. A catalyst for extremism. For if we don’t work on helping and educating the children of this crisis, what will become of them? We are aiding and abetting the extremists with our hostility and inaction, creating a breeding ground for these groups to flourish, and being the best recruiters for ISIS that they could ever dream of…

This is why we should help.

Question answered by Brendan Woodhouse, our Search-and-Rescue team member working in the Mediterranean between Libya and Italy.

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