What would you do with €1M?

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Recently, the residents of the camp we support in Oinofyta, close to Athens in Greece, had their regular donations of food taken away, and replaced by cash cards.

This caused a multitude of problems.

Primarily, the cash card system forces refugees to register their presence in Greece, which for those looking to seek asylum in another European country, simply do not want to register here for fear that this will keep them trapped in Greece more than the closed borders already do.

Food or freedom.

What a decision.

To assist the community with the new system, our friend and volunteer teacher Brittany Grace ran an adult English class on the topic of money, exploring vital phrases and sentences.

To finish, she played a game with her students: what would they do if they were given 1 million euros?

She was so humbled by their responses.
Expecting dreams of private jets and lavish holidays, her students completely surpassed her assumptions.

One student spoke of opening up a dentist surgery, to help assist the countless children round the camp with rotting teeth.

Another wanted to open up an Afghan restaurant, so he could bring his native food back to his people.

Another would use his wealth to overrule the current president of Afghanistan, and bring peace to his homeland.

One wanted to open up a luxury shoe shop, because he’d suffered so much hardship and just wanted to create beautiful things.

Our entire team is continually humbled by these incredible people.

Thank you Brittany Grace for your amazing work and words.