We Love You Kelli!

Today we are feeling super proud of our partner Kelli Scott, who oversees The Tribe Turkey.

Kelli has been working in Izmir, Turkey for over a year now, doing everything from making friends, building trust and listening to people….to distributing thousands of blankets, hundreds of mattresses, pallets, wood, food and heaters.

Her work is the reason many of the Syrian families around Izmir made it through the bitter winter whilst living in some of the worst conditions we have seen to date.

Kelli has recently had some much needed time off to visit her family back in Australia, where she was recognised by the local newspaper for her amazing efforts.

She is now back in Izmir and ready to keep changing lives (whilst also wearing a pretty sick tshirt 🙂 )

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Thank you Kelli and The Tribe Turkey…we love you!