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Hamed is a 21 year old boy from Afghanistan.
A victim of war.
He was forced to leave his country to make the terrifying journey to safety in Europe.
His mother, father and 4-year-old sister didn’t make it.

Hamed carried on with his 12 year old brother and 14 year old cousin, in the hope of being near to his aunt and other family in the UK.
Somehow, after months of struggle, he made it.
Devastatingly he was separated from his brother and cousin, who are still living in the Jungle in Calais, alone.

After ten months of life in the UK with long-term volunteer and friend Sophie, two weeks ago he was unexpectedly detained and served deportation papers.

He was due to be deported last Thursday from Gatwick airport. A flight which is likely to have brought him closer to his death at the hands of the Taliban.

My brother Nils, Sophie and another volunteer Martin booked themselves on the flight, while we set about promoting a petition, raising awareness and doing everything we could to fight against this breach of human rights.

Our efforts worked.
Hamed was not deported, but he remains in a detention centre / prison by the Gatwick runway, in limbo.

Disorientated and petrified, he is on suicide watch. His future is uncertain.

How can we do this to victims of war?

This is his story…

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To donate to his legal fees and for him to be released on bail and go home to Sophie and her family, follow this link: