Update on hamed

Unfortunately Hamed was refused permission to go for judicial review yesterday.

Of course he is devastated…and scared.

We’re there for him, and over a thousand of you guys are behind him and have supported his case…so thank you SO MUCH for that!

Theres a small team currently gathering thoughts and supporting Hamed as best we can. In discussions with Hamed and his solicitor, a plan will be put in place… And when it is, we will update you all!

We all need a little time to recoup and gather our thoughts so we don’t have answers to many of the questions you might have yet, but we will keep you as updated as possible.

For now, we can say:

Hamed served with our soldiers as part of a team. On behalf of peace, freedom, and an Afghanistan where people can live without fear. In doing so, he has fought for the freedom of humanity.

Our freedom did not come by chance. How can we possibly desert someone who has served so diligently with our troops on behalf of our nation. How can we speak of values and standards in the British Army and show such disloyalty?

We won’t leave you Hamed.
The fight has just begun.
We’re going to continue the petition and continue to raise funds for legal fees.

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Thanks so much for your support so far!

Big love to you all ❤️

And to Hamed…stay strong, we love you. 

Thanks to Brendan Woodhouse for these words, information, and continuing the fight.