The end of The Jungle

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ONE YEAR ON since the Calais Jungle was demolished…

This film asks people how they felt about their homes being taken from them…

A year later, although the shelters may have gone, people do not just disappear.

The confusion, desperation and resilience is still there in Calais, with over 1000 people living without the home the Jungle provided.

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Crazy messages from an Eritrean refugee

You wont believe the direct messages I recently got on my Instagram from an Eritrean Refugee…


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To celebrate Eid and Refugee Week, The Worldwide Tribe presents….Diaspora.

From Syrians to Sudanese, from refugees to volunteers, from Europe to the Middle East…millions of people are affected by the refugee crisis we are STILL in the midst of.

People are on the move in the biggest migration the world has ever seen…

…But why?

Where are they going?

Why are they leaving?

Who are these people and what does this mean for the world as we know it?

How is the world responding?

In an attempt to meet those affected and find out…we bring you Diaspora.

Directed and Edited by Jamie Noel

Greece with 109 World

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This week Nils and I have been back in Greece, not far from Athens, to visit a camp we have been working with for a while.

This camp is home to 600 Afghans. They live inside an abandoned factory, squeezed into tiny cubicles (three metres by three metres) with up to seven family members in each.

Our partners ArmandoAid run the school in the camp. It’s another abandoned building just next to the factory, which Nils painted last year when it first opened.

This year we’re back, with the best team ever (yes 109 World), to paint the classrooms, lay new flooring, put up fencing, replace the shade covers and spend some time with the cutest kids ever.

Kids who have showed me, all over again, that wherever you are and whatever your situation, you can still radiate endless love and light.