Guys I need to talk to you about the situation in Turkey.

We might finally be coming out of a bitter winter and the sun is shining again, but the Syrians we work with in camps around Izmir are struggling…

They live on farms in pretty grim conditions, and make minimal money picking fruit and veg for the Turkish farmers…


As we are in between seasons, it’s been two months since there has been any work for them, and they are hungry.

Our team on the ground are constantly hearing the words, ‘I am hungry,’ as these families struggle with basic food needs for their families.

The worst part is that work isn’t even expected to start for another month.

So the team is taking action…

For the next month, until the new season of work begins and income starts flowing again (if you can call it flowing), they will be supporting families with these basic needs.

To give you some context, a typical family consumes 50kg of flour in less than one month. Oil is very expensive, and used in almost all meals.

The cost of staple foods for one person works out at less than £5 for a month, that’s about £30 per month for an average family of 7.

Here’s how donations can help:

£30 = 1 family of 7 eats for a month
£300 = 10 families, 70 people
£3,000 = 100 families, 700 people


We can be a huge support to families over the next month.

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