True Humanity


UPDATE FROM Brendan Woodhouse (who is volunteering out at sea).

“Today I witnessed something beautiful…true humanity.

The Seawatch 1 ship sailed away from Malta to a mission in the Aegean Sea, at the same time that the Seawatch 2 set sail to the Mediterranean.

Two ships, two different missions. One same united goal. It’s pure humanity, and I just love it!

Two crews of ordinary people, a locksmith, a university lecturer, mariners, doctors, nurses, students, people like you or me…but they’re doing something extraordinary!

Having just finished my mission…this is me wishing the crews of both vessels the very best of luck. The crews are all awesome. I’ve met them all, and I adore them all. They are such beautiful people, and I could scream with joy at the sight of these great people going to do whatever they can to help.

To some of the best people that I have met in my life….
Good luck, stay safe, and know that the world is watching. We are with you.”

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