Through Refugee Eyes

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Our amazing friend, 18-year-old Abdulazez Dukhan has set up a Facebook page (Through refugee eyes) to bring a voice back to the people in the refugee camps in Greece. He says:

“I used to live in Homs city, Syria, with my family and friends.

As the war increased, it took away any safe option of staying in my hometown, my home country.

On the day we fled, I remember being consumed by three feelings:

1. Thankfulness for the chance of life, 2. deep sorrow, and 3. determination to try my best.

Telling the truth was the first right we lost in the war, so I began teaching myself photography during our escape. I borrowed cameras, computers and books, all in the hope of later telling the stories of what had happened to families from Syria.

On the 26th of February 2016, I arrived in Greece with my family. The border was shut 12 days later, and I officially became a refugee resident in a tent camp.

Almost one year has passed now and being in different refugee camps, I have met families, friends and children who have shared their stories with me.

Through refugee eyes is a Facebook page created to pass their stories on to you.

Looking through my lens, I am deeply hoping you will look at reality with us.

Our hopes, our smiles, our suffering, our lives…it is all here, told as truthfully as possible.

We need you here with us – eyes wide open.

Please check out my page:
Through refugee eyes ”

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