The Worldwide Tribe in Puerto Rico

The Worldwide Tribe has spread to Puerto Rico and the victims of Hurricane Maria!

This week one of our tribe members Maribel Ortiz-Castro visited a rural community in the mountains of Yabucoa who had been badly affected by the hurricane.

18 days after the Hurricane hit, her team was the FIRST to visit this community.

Maribel gave out food, water and hygiene products, laughing, crying and getting to know the people of the village.

Together with them she felt their suffering, frustration, desperation and vulnerability, but also their happiness, hope, humbleness, gratitude and most of all the love they led with.

She said:

“We feel great satisfaction that at least we did something to brighten their days, but at the same time we feel even more encouraged to continue helping them, to achieve an even more permanent impact.

We plan to assess specific urgent needs of the families and work towards attending them.

All of these was done with private donations from individuals in and outside Puerto Rico that contributed to the paypal link:

Please donate if you can!”

To donate directly to our continued work supporting refugee’s, please click on the link below: