The most kind, wise and worldy teenager

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One year ago today, my foster brother arrived to the UK, hiding under a the Eurotunnel train.

It was the end of a gruelling 9 month journey from Eritrea.

It was the best gift I have ever received and he has brought my family more happiness than I could have ever imagined.

One year on and he’s learnt English from scratch, is doing amazingly at school and has been granted 5 years leave to remain.

Not only this, he is growing into the most kind, wise and worldy teenager I have ever met.

This weekend he took a new friend, a young Eritrean boy who has just recently arrived to the UK, also alone, to see the sights of London.

Whilst they were walking along the South Bank, they were approached by a homeless man who asked them for money.

This is how the four teenage boys reacted:

Thank you Rufus Pinkerton for the edit and titles