The magic of Izmir


Izmir, Turkey.

Walking through the streets of Izmir today I started talking to a guy who owned a little kebab shop and he told me:

“No matter who you are, regardless of race, colour, age, gender, belief systems; we all get hungry right?

If you need a meal, you can walk into any shop in Izmir and you will get fed.

No one cares if you don’t have money.

We all need to eat.”

He went on to explain:

“Here we believe that for each good deed you do, you will be blessed with good luck for 40 years.”

After he told me this I kept noticing little bowls of food and water outside every shop and on almost every corner for the very healthy looking street dogs and cats.

Even they are looked after here. Each time I walked past one of those bowls it made me smile.