The Liberté Cup

Today we are SO excited to finally tell you about a project that’s been in the pipeline for nearly a year…

The Liberté Cup.

The Liberté Cup is a football tournament set up for refugees in Grand Synthe, France. It’s not a political campaign, it’s not a charity and it’s not asking to open borders.


The aim is simple. To change the way refugees are viewed in the media. They don’t need your pity, they want your support.
Whether you are a fan, a referee, a coach or a player, being around a pitch provides everyone with a time of Liberté.


Football, for our guys in the camp, is a remedy of their everyday life, and for many others around the world too!

The Liberté Cup will give the players the chance to express themselves to the world before and after the game, giving them a voice when they usually go unheard.


The Tournament is on the 10th September and we will keep you updated on the details!

We wish every player involved the best of luck in the tournament!

Welcome to The Liberté Cup:

We also want to give a huge big up to the amazing supporters of this project:
The amazing Fuze Beyond Borders
Football Beyond Borders
Kick It Out
Utopia 56
FARE network
Final Cut
Bigballs Media
Football Coach: Guiseppe Bianco
The amazing creative minds behind the whole thing: Aryven Fizionist Arasen and Joe Watson (