The Lada Rally Fundraiser

So we wanna tell you guys a little bit about the most amazing fundraiser we have coming up at the end of this month, The Lada Rally.

One of the participants, Tommy, explained it beautifully:

“How does your average recruitment consultant spend their summer I hear you ask?

Dropping thrills in Ibiza?

Sat by a different kind of talent pool?

Not me and my band of merry men (and one lady). I’m not your typical recruitment consultant, and this definitely isn’t your typical summer. Adjust your seat and fasten your belts as this is the story of the Lada Rally…


Four thousand kilometres, eleven countries, seven days, four mates and one beat up Soviet car. Starting in Estonia and ending in Croatia, the Lada Rally launches its inaugural imprudent dash across the plains of Eastern Europe in August 2017.

All rally vehicles that have twisted their way down from Estonia to Croatia can then be donated straight to The Worldwide Tribe and friends working on the frontline for refugees in Greece. The cars will be used for aid runs, emergencies, hospital visits and transportation between refugee camps.

The Lada Rally and its’ unpredictable nature is bound to throw up some curve balls, but in theory this how we expect things to pan out:

Tallin – Estonia
Riga -Latvia
Vilnius – Lithuania
Brest – Belarus
Lviv – Ukraine
Budapest – Hungary
Ljubljana – Slovenia
Lake Bled – Slovenia
Trieste – Italy
Sarajevo – Bosnia
Kotor – Montenegro
Split – Croatia

Countries – 11
Driving Hours – 47.5
Arguments over music choice – 12
Emergency Toilet Pit Stops – 3
Breakdowns – 3
Lives Changed – Countless

After what we envisage to be an arduous journey, the Lada Lads and Ladies will hand over the keys of our now dearly loved automobile to those who need it more.
Not only will the cars from the entire Lada fleet bring a week of bliss, but they will also then be used to change lives, and that’s ultimately what it’s all about.

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Further information on the Lada Rally can be found here –

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