The Highlight of our Paris Trip…Lunch with these Boys

19 March 2018

During our trip to Paris one of the unaccompanied minors we got to know, left the city to go into some accommodation.

It was a great thing, as it marked the start of him entering the system, hopefully going to school and even getting his asylum (fingers crossed), but it was sad for everyone else to see him go!

On his last day we cooked a big lunch for him and some of the other boys, as a bit of a leaving party.

That lunch was the highlight of my trip.

These boys are clever, funny, loving, thoughtful and kind. Despite their crazy circumstances (living on the street after already suffering so much both in their countries and on their journeys)… they are amazing company.

One of them stayed with us whilst we were there, and it broke my heart when we left, to see him go, (with new warm clothes and a packed lunch), back out onto the streets of Paris.

Our partner Danika works hard to make sure these boys have somewhere inside to sleep every night.

To support this work: