Are you looking for meaningful pressies? Stuck for a Secret Santa idea or want to do something good this Christmas?

We have the most amazing Worldwide Tribe Christmas ideas for you!

1. Our Beanie!

One size fits all, this is the perfect pressie for everyone…girl, boy, young, old, you can’t go wrong. The perfect stocking filler, and ALL profits go back into our projects:

2. Our Gift Vouchers!

Whatever your budget, you can buy a physical gift card which will get sent to you in the post so you can put it under the tree.
We have £5, £10, £20, £50, £100 and £500 cards available, each with a unique design and funding various projects. You can find them all here:

3. A ‘Children of Stars’ passport cover.

These beautiful, leather passport covers come in two colours and £3 from each sale goes to The Worldwide Tribe.

If you have a passport, chances are that you are able to travel where your will takes you. Why not help those without that freedom? These passport covers remind the world that we’re all The Children of Stars and we’re #BrighterTogether.

Get one here:

4. A Tshirt or Sweatshirt from The Worldwide Tribe collection at Wu&Y.

If you use the code THECREATIVELIGHT at checkout, 50% of the profits will come to The Worldwide Tribe! You can see the full collection here:

Happy Christmas to our lovely Tribe! Lets hope it brings unity, togetherness and love.