The £5 project is back!


Last year it was amazing and helped many families survive the Winter.

As it gets steadily colder this year, we’re doing it again!

Last year your donations supplied 90 tonnes (3,500 bags) of firewood to hundreds of Syrian families living in farming communities around Izmir, Turkey. It allowed families to keep warm through cold, snowy months, improved health, prevented burning of plastic, and generally lifted people’s spirits.

So, the Challenge:

It’s a long winter ahead. For refugees living in tents in Turkey’s farming communities, battling the cold is difficult. Insufficient resources for heating often resorts in people burning things like plastic and even clothing to keep warm. Every family has a child under five, many have two. The main worry for their parents is keeping their children warm and safe from illness.

Our Solution:

By working with a large local pallet producer, The Five Pound Project buys bags of wood in bulk and distributes to 6 refugee communities where refugee numbers are in the thousands. Engaging directly with the communities enables us to meet family needs efficiently and effectively.

The Outcome:

Families are no longer cold and have peace of mind for their children’s wellbeing!!!

What your donation gives:

£5 – More that a weeks worth of wood
£15 – A month’s worth of wood
£50 – Enough wood for a family for the entire Winter

If you’re feeling the cold yourself and wanna help people stay warm this Winter, please DONATE or SHARE this post!

To find out more, check out our partners The Tribe Turkey