Syrians Suffering Everywhere


Syrians Suffering Everywhere.

I can’t stand this any more. I am here…. Suffering in Lebanon.

My future…I lost it amongst these tents. I am here… Suffering in Jordan.

Pretending I am still alive…but inside I have died. I am here… Suffering in Turkey

I miss my home. I am here… Suffering in Greece.

Am I alive? Am I visible? I am here… Suffering in Syria.

This photo series is by our boy Abdulazez Dukhan, who is making art to bring a voice back to his people. He is Syrian, only 18, and overcoming ultimately difficult circumstances to get his story out there.

He has learnt photography and photoshop along his journey in an attempt to share his truth with the world.

We have the upmost love and respect for anyone expressing creativity from within this crisis and overcoming all odds to do so <3

Go check out his page Through refugee eyes. It is our honour to work alongside him to spread his work and perspective with you guys.

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