Synchronicity Is Not To Be Taken Lightly


Synchronicity is not to be taken lightly.

Before me and Nils arrived in South Africa a couple of weeks ago, we didn’t know anyone, but I want to share with you the amazing outcome of a chance encounter…

The first two people we met when we arrived at Afrika Burn were filmmakers Ryan and Levi. They were making a conscious film about the unique, amazing gifting community created for one week only, deep in the desert. The film focused on the impact the festival has on people’s lives, and what elements of the experience they could implement into their day to day.


Me and Nils had the intention of leaving our work with refugees behind, just for this week, so we could recharge, and talk about something else. But naturally we shared our story with our new friends…


Ryan and Levi are also constantly working to tell the stories we don’t hear in the mainstream media…and they were intrigued by ours. As we talked we drew many parallels between the AfrikaBurn community and the Jungle in Calais, whilst highlighting the contrasts, the light and dark. We decided to collaborate..




Together we were able to create something beautiful….a vision for the future… Together we had context of the wider world and issues that society is facing, combined with an optimistic dream for better, and were together experiencing a tangible example…AfrikaBurn.


We spent the week making this film, talking to people, understanding why thousands of comfortable, privileged individuals would SPEND money to come to a place with no money, no facilities, no home comforts, no nothing, whilst for others, like those in Calais, they had a comfortable existence ripped away and are forced to live in camps with nothing.

The film is currently being edited and we will keep you updated!!