Seek The Truth


“When you go to jail, you are there as a punishment for a crime you have committed, from breaking the law.

When the borders are closed in your face, you end up in a jail for no reason.

Maybe the only reason could be that the rest of the world feel we are ‘terrorists’.

Maybe they think that we are coming over for the money, or to steal their jobs…

So they closed their borders, out of fear, hate, panic… who knows.

But how can you judge us without knowing us?

How can you judge the innocent kids, the women and the elderly stuck here, for doing nothing wrong?

I encourage you to seek the truth.. to be a part of it…

Seek the reason why we are here, know that we are here purely to stay alive, to find hope and a future.

Please share the truth that we left our homes and land because of the war.

Share the truth that if there is one ‘terrorist’ amongst 100,000 refugees, this doesn’t mean we are all terrorists or that we support this. This ‘bad apple’ is the reason we have fled our countries to find peace and love.”

Words written by Abdulazez Dukhan via Through refugee eyes <3

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