Saint John, New Brunswick


Saint John, New Brunswick. A cute little city in Eastern Canada, right on the Atlantic Ocean.

We need a bit more help to get Noor there!!!!

This is where five amazing people have come forward to act as signatories for a private sponsorship for Noor.

Anna, Abby, Sofija, Tzigane and Sophie are prepared to vouch for Noor, welcome her, find and furnish a home for her family and complete the necessary paperwork to get her to Canada….but they also need £15,000 in a bank account for Noor to be eligible for this amazing opportunity.

Anna and Sofija are medical students, Abby is a radio host, Sophie is doing her masters and Tzigane owns a business. They are all full of love and anticipation for Noor’s arrival, but still need some help from you guys!!!

We’ve raised over £4000 so far but have a little way to go to get Noor out of the difficult situation she currently finds herself in. Trapped not just by borders and governments, but by her body and the lack of access to the medical care she needs.

Lets help these amazing five people by contributing to Noor’s settlement costs, and lets help Noor get her future back: