Refugee Week 2017

We’ve got an important date for your diaries!

June 20th is World Refugee Day, and the whole week from the 19th-25th is Refugee Week.

The idea of Refugee Week is to celebrate the contributions of refugees to the UK, and promote a better understanding of why people seek sanctuary, through arts, cultural and educational events and activities.

The best thing about Refugee Week? Everyone can get involved!

Last year we celebrated with Papers, a one-day festival at the Barbican centre which saw artists, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, poets and more, come together to share their creativity and discuss how we can collectively respond to the refugee crisis. You can see our round-up of the day here.
This year we want you to take the lead!

We’d love for you guys to organise your own events in your communities, bringing together people from all walks of life to celebrate the contributions that refugees make in your area.

You could get together for a big meal, showcase a film or theatre, open a discussion group or play some sports – the possibilities are endless! The important thing is that you have fun, and you do it together!

You can find loads of amazing ideas for your events, and all the information you need about Refugee Week, over at, and tag anyone who may be interested in getting involved in the comments below!