Outstanding Public Service Award


We are so proud to share that tribe member Brendan has been presented an Outstanding Public Service Award by Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The award was given for the rescue of 5 month old baby Sewin…one of 35 Syrians Brendan and his team rescued from the water last December, two days before Christmas. Their boat had capsized just metres from the coast of Lesvos.

“First I heard Sewin’s mother’s screams…a haunting sound that I’ll never forget. Then I found her, face down in the water, drifting away, wrapped in a blanket, no life jacket at all, about 70 meters from the shore.

I grabbed her and looked at her face. Her eyes were rolled back, she wasn’t breathing. She was as white as can be and I could see that she was dead, but I knew that she stood a chance.

I swam backstroke, with her on my chest, facing the stars. I kicked with my legs as fast as I could. With my left arm I paddled and with my right arm, I pressed up and down on her chest as I swam.

Eventually, I reached down with my feet and my foot touched a rock. I balanced as best as I could and gave her 5 rescue breaths. After the second breath, she sicked up the water from inside her lungs and started to cry. It was the most beautiful sound in the world, for I knew that I had breathed life back into her.”

Click here to read the full story of that night.

We always knew Brendan was amazing but we’re so proud to see him receive this well-deserved award.


Brendan and Dan are currently out at sea, on a Search and Rescue Mission off the coast of Libya.

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