Yesterday a member of the team sent me a beautiful video titled:

“The Orlando massacre terrorist will fail. Here’s why…”

The message of the video resonated with me so strongly.

The video explains that in the aftermath of what happened in Orlando, support for the LGBT community will be stronger than ever. That in the face of such terrible tragedy, comes love and only love. Outpourings of it from all over the world.

In the face of such devastation, people come together, to mourn, to hug, to love.

They do so because the care.

They feel.

One person can go to extreme lengths, shooting 50 people dead and injuring over 50 more, filling the headlines with this act of violence and hate, but the response is love, so much love.

Yes, maybe short term he has extinguished the laughter, but he will never extinguish that love.

So unlucky for you, mass murderer, but your message isn’t spreading. You didn’t just lose, you didn’t just fail, you failed calamitously. Your goal will never be met. It won’t work. However hard you try. You will fail. Love with win. This will be your eternal legacy.

I see this in the work that I do, every single day. In the face of adversity, of terror, of grief and of trauma; when you have nothing left, no food, no home, no money, nowhere to go; all you have is love. Despite systematic persecution, decades of discrimination and inequality, people’s resilience and inner strength continue to shine…

Love will remain.