“No one is free until we are all free”

Last night I sat and listened to a group of ladies who all had loved ones in detention in Syria.

One of them, Noura, started by telling us that she was lucky to have lived a very romantic love story.

She told us that she had been engaged to a young, good looking Palestinian-Syrian guy who she was very in love with. She was ready to be with him forever.

Two weeks before their wedding he was detained by the Syrian regime. This can happen to anyone in Syria and often for no reason.

They were forced to get married in prison.

She regularly visited him, and the other prisoners too, as by this point she had trained as a human rights lawyer and was trying to help them.

One day she found that her husband had been moved from the prison. She didn’t know where to…

Soon after, she found out that he had been executed.

The other women went on to say something controversial… that Noura was lucky to find out about her husbands death.

They said that the not knowing was worse than death, and that they couldn’t even grieve their loved ones when they had no information about them since they had disappeared.

They finished by saying that “no one is free until we are all free.”

My main take away from the night was the amazing bravery of these women. Endangering their own families and lives to stand up against something that is very very wrong. To openly speak out on this topic is a huge risk…but one they said they were will to take to speak out for what they believe in,

They were determined and driven by love and it was beautiful to see.

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