The story that inspired the beginning of The Worldwide Tribe…

25 February 2018

A couple of days ago I sat and listened as my little foster brother Mez retold his story to one of my best friends and film producer Jackie.

Mez left Eritrea to flee compulsory military service when he was 14. His brother and dad were already in the army which is basically life long slave labour.

Mez crossed the Sahara (with no food and hardly any water for 15 days), crossed the Mediterrannean (in an unsafe boat that capsized and he couldn’t swim), got rescued by the Italian coast guard, walked across Europe to the Calais Jungle and hid underneath the Eurotunnel train to make it to England… All before his 15th birthday.

That day that he arrived to the UK he was given a pair of too big flip flops and a bowl of porridge by Kent social services, then put in a taxi to my house. He arrived with his wet coat in a black bin bag….shy, skinny and speaking no English.
From that day on he was my little brother.

Three years later and he’s finished his GCSE’s, been nominated as prom king and is now ready to share his story.

Watch this space!

He is my constant inspiration behind The Worldwide Tribe and my admiration for him knows no limits. He is genuinely the reason that I do what I do and remembering this story gets me through any tricky times. I now have two new little brothers (Arash came a year later) and my family couldn’t be filled with more love .

Thank you for that Mez and Arash…

I love you both!