Meet The Ebish Family

Meet the Ebish family.

The family of 8 arrived in Greece in February 2016.

After spending 11 months in the tent camps, they finally got an appointment with UNHCR for the relocation program. The appointment is set for the 5th April 2017.

FOUR MORE MONTHS they have to wait for their very first appointment.

I asked them what they think about this and they told me:

“The UNHCR is the worst organisation we have come across in the humanitarian field.

It seems there is no justice in this world. We heard there would be rights for women, for children, for human beings… but these rights are not being put into action.

Several countries contributed to the destruction of our country by silence and sending weapons. Here too, we are being destroyed. If you don’t want our presence – tell us. Don’t leave us like this. Allow us to return back to our own country with a little dignity at least.

We would rather die as humans instead of being devalued to something not worthy of a life.

Look around you, look around this camp and you will see that this place is not suitable for children if you wish them health. It is not suitable for parents you wish mental health for. This place was meant only for animals. Take a breath and try to smell..

You would never put your own family here would you?”

One of the sons, Nidal, said:

“I really wish for death some days. There is no work here, no opportunity to study, there’s nothing.. I feel useless. Like an outcast.”

I asked if there were planning to wait and the father replied:

“We spent a year here and now another 4 months will pass before our first appointment will come. And then we will have to wait for the second. It will be 15 months. I think, most likely, I will have lost my mind by then and then what can I give? What then do I have left to give my family?

If I had money I’d be ready to go back to Syria. Ready to die in dignity. If you can.. please just take us back there.”

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