Meet Matt


So Matt is pretty special. Right now he’s somewhere between Istanbul and Thessaloniki, part way through a 1,200km solo bike ride – just ANOTHER thing he’s doing to help refugees affected by this massive crisis.

Last October Matt arrived in Europe from Canada, ready to travel the continent, see the sights and meet up with his family, but that didn’t last long. He dropped everything after one phone call from a friend asking for help on the island of Lesvos, and he hasn’t looked back in 9 months.


Matt has given his everything, literally everything, to doing all that he can to help in this crisis. He has worked 24/7, with so much dedication, commitment and love and I don’t really have the ability to put into words the impact that he has had, so I’ll leave that to a couple of people who have had the privilege of working closely with Matt and call him a friend.


“Working as a volunteer coordinator is a challenge more complex than I ever could’ve imagined, and without Matthew’s support I’m not sure how I could’ve succeeded how I did. He organised us accommodation when we were living in tents, and turned up with a new phone for me after mine was drowned in a river. I still remember the day I was sitting at my laptop frantically trying to source children’s antibiotics for our clinic. Within 20 minutes of putting the call out, he had not only found me, but arrived with enough cash in hand to stock us for the week. This guy is indispensable and I trust him with my life. A true fixer and hero in this horrific and challenging crisis.” – Anna


“I first met Matt back in November 2015. Every night Matt would pack his car with emergency blankets, clothes and water. He would head to the south shoreline of Lesvos on his OWN and wait for the boats to arrive from Turkey. He inspired me to join him and help him out for a few nights. Matt taught me everything I know about operating on the beach and helping bring the boats in and, months later, he saw me doing the very same thing with other volunteers. He wasn’t only working on the beaches during the night. Throughout the day he would be working in the camps, relentlessly doing all that he could, all of the time. And all of this was even before he decided to head north for a prolonged stint in Eidomeni.” – Dan


Matt is having the kind of impact that we all wish we could have, but most of us can’t.

So if you’ve been inspired by Matt, if you’re proud of what he’s doing, if you feel that right now we need to prove how much love and unity there is in the world, and how much we really, truly care, then please, donate what you can to his fundraiser:

And if you don’t have anything to spare, please share this post and let your friends know just how amazing Matt is!

Let’s show Matt that we’ve got his back, and that we are so incredibly grateful to him for all that he does!