Meet Ali

Meet Ali, 31, his wife Rwida, 31, and their children Mohamed, 10, Naima, 8 and Amina, 5.

Ali told me:

“I am a tailor. I had my own shop, my house and my car before the war.

Three years ago I left because I lost everything.

I left my country for my kids. I lost my life and I was trying to find a better life for my kids.

My kids have never been to school. The war has prevented them from going and now we are here and waiting, they are still unable to go.

We arrived in Greece in February 2016. After spending 8 months here, we finally got our asylum appointment…scheduled for the 28th April 2017. Over a year since we arrived.

I feel like waiting here is more difficult than dying. We are facing our second winter in a tent.

All I have left are my words. I can talk and that’s all I can do. I can’t change the situation…but I hope that my words can reach the whole world.”

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Story via Abdulazez Dukhan at Through refugee eyes

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