Lesvos Dream Team

Introducing our absolute DREAM TEAM in Lesvos!

Dan, Sim, Lilian and Polly are currently representing The Worldwide Tribe, working their absolute bums off in Pikpa camp by day, and often doing the night shift in Moria registration camp or putting on their wetsuits and bringing in boats on the beaches all night AS WELL.

Not exactly a 9 to 5…

I just wanted to tell you guys how amazing the volunteers at Pikpa really are. Each one has their unique skills and personality to offer and everyone does everything, from cleaning toilets, to sorting donations, to making food to bring up to Moria. Everyone pitches in, gets along and adds a sense of fun to the situation, it made me so happy to see. The daily morning volunteer meeting is always a jokes affair, (even though lots of people might not have slept at all), with Dan making people laugh by wearing a multitude of the most interesting items of donated clothing, my favourite being a full length, fluffy, leopard print dressing gown.

Daily activities and Worldwide Tribe achievements include preparing the land for the 11metre dome which will soon be used as a women and children’s centre (thank you Mark), preparing the site for the two containers, sorting the donations ready for use as refugees arrive needing warm, dry clothing, and organising the huge warehouse full of donations too (Thanks to Nel!)

Dan has also arranged much needed first aid training for the team, essential as daily tasks and the running of Pikpa are interspersed with new residents arriving in various conditions.

Furthur daily tasks include cleaning houses and the surrounding terrain. The team recently tore down a huge old chicken coup, creating more firewood for Moria, whilst the amazing kitchen team prepared freshly squeezed orange juice with the hundreds of orange they had picked from the surrounding trees.

These oranges are also taken en mass up to Moria to accompany the fresh meals the Pikpa team cook for the registration camp on a daily basis, around 1000 a day.

Coming home from Lesvos, the one thing that stands out to me is the magic of Pikpa. The vibe, the feeling around the place is just so wonderful. Volunteers come from all over the world, as do refugees, creating a completely international vibe brought together by a common goal. This place acts as a safe haven for vulnerable refugees and volunteers alike. Healing and spiritual, I received far more than I could give. The stillness of the wooded area, the bustle of the kitchen, the gentle sound of the sea, the uniting love of humanity shared by resident and volunteer alike.

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