Lampedusa Cross

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My little foster brother has been upset this last week or so. He’s been struggling to go to school, and live life as normal, after hearing the devastating news of another boat sinking off the coast of Italy.

He made this very journey himself. By himself. He talks about the women screaming and the babies crying.

Many of the people on this boat were Eritrean Christian, just like him, fleeing persecution in their home country.

Of the 500 people on board this overcrowded boat, only 151 of them survived. The boat caught fire, capsized and sank, bringing men, women and children with it.

This cross is made from the wreckage of this boat. A carpenter on the island of Lampedusa collected these bits of boat and made a cross for each surviver, to reflect their salvation.

Our rescue team is undertaking training this summer to prepare them physically, mentally and emotionally, to continue working to do the very best we can to put an end to these devastating deaths.