Lada Rally 2017 fundraiser

Who is up for an adventure….?

…whilst also helping refugees at the same time?

We have the BEST opportunity for you!!!

The Lada Rally is a fundraiser for the Worldwide Tribe which starts in Estonia on the 25th August and ends in Croatia on the 2nd September.

Basically it’s a race, crossing four thousand kilometres and sixteen countries in seven days.

It’s you, four of your mates and one beat up soviet car, on an epic adventure, in aid of our cause!!!

Registration for a team is only £65 and closes on the 31st July.

It is going to be AMAZING.

And the best part….all usable cars will be driven to Greece by a team of volunteers once the rally is over, and donated to our projects.

For more info and to join us, check out: or email:


To donate: