Justice for Hamed

He was our voice in Afghanistan. We need to be his voice now.

He fought for us in Afghanistan. We need to fight for him now.

Hamed worked for the British Army as an interpreter in Afghanistan from 2008 to 2012.

He served with distinction and his commanding officers wrote of his “calm approach during enemy engagements”.

Whilst working for NATO forces he was seriously injured by an IED (commonly known as a roadside bomb). He is still recovering from serious leg wounds and he has lost a significant percentage of his eyesight. He still requires surgery to this day.

His job was to listen to enemy communication and report back to our troops, and also to go out on patrol acting as a communicator for British forces. His actions helped keep our soldiers safe and, like so many of the interpreters there, he was despised by the Taliban.


When our forces left Afghanistan, he received death threats from the Taliban and his father was shot in the leg and arm for refusing to tell them where he was. Hamed still lives with this guilt every day.

Hamed had no choice but to flee the country to seek international protection.

After initially arriving in Austria, he was informed that his application for asylum would not likely be successful as they were giving preference to Syrians. His military service was not recognised as Austria is not part of NATO.

So his journey to safety continued…

After a long struggle (as there is no legal, safe way), he made it to the UK.

For a while he lived on the streets, but he now lives in Derby, and, very shockingly, is currently being threatened with deportation…


Some things happen that shame our country and all that we should stand for.

Hamed’s deportation would be a travesty of justice, of ethics and of common sense.

His court hearing will take place on the 9th August.


He was our voice. He is our brother.

We need to stop this tragedy from happening. It’s a death sentence for him to find himself back in Afghanistan and if we shout loud enough, someone will have to listen.

Surely as a country we owe this man the opportunity to rebuild his life?


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One of the primary challenges that Hamed faces is the fact that he has now run out of legal aid. We need to find £1,700 in order to pay solicitors fees before 9th August

This is his Justgiving page:


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