Just In Time

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This last year has been the craziest of our lives. An intense, emotional whirlwind.

A few weeks ago, Nils and I left things in the very capable hands of Dan and Jess, and went to South Africa for a bit of a break.

We went to a festival called AfrikaBurn, deep in the desert, with no wifi and no phone signal, no branding, no money, nothing for sale, just sharing and gifting. We needed a chance to recuperate, to take some time away and to reflect on everything we have experienced.

At this festival we met a film crew who were making a film about AfrikaBurn and the community it brings together. We got chatting and told them our story, which they decided to incorporate into the narrative of their film.

Their film has just been released and we wanted to share it with you guys.

It tells the story of how The Worldwide Tribe began, but also hopefully demonstrates that we are normal people, with normal lives, normal interests and hobbies and passions and dreams, outside of the work we do. I forgot that for a while, as this work encompassed me.

What I have learnt though, is that although our work doesn’t define us, it has changed us all, for the better, and we’ve learnt and grown from the incredible people we have met, and the crazy, varied experiences we continue to have.

You never know what’s round the corner, what you’ll be doing this time next week.. You never know what life will throw at you, or how each day will play out.

All we can do is embrace every minute. Walk into each day with open arms and every situation with an open heart. From the festivals to the refugee camps. Every experience, every moment, every detail.

Just in Time.