Juma and Mohamed

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I feel so lucky that through my work I meet THE most incredible people.

They say you become a mixture of the five people you spend most time with right?

Well I really hope that is true!

This week I’ve been spending time with two amazing brothers I met in the Calais Jungle in 2015…Juma and Mohamed.

When I met them, Juma didn’t speak any English (Mohamed would translate for him), but we got on super well anyway. Dan used to say Juma was the Sudanese version of himself. They really connected, without language, and somehow had the same sense of humour and were just super similar.

Now, Juma was texting me a time and a place to meet in perfect English. They are both going to college, studying hard as well as working to support themselves.

When I met them at Victoria Coach Station, they looked great. Fresh haircuts, good clothes, it made my heart BURST to be able to just have a normal, fun weekend with them as friends.

We did the sights of London, took a boat under Tower Bridge and ended up in Greenwich where we watched the sun set over a beautiful view of London. Then we partied on Saturday night.

On Sunday they came with me to visit my mum for Mother’s Day and out of nowhere presented her with a beautifully wrapped clock they had bought her as a mother’s day gift. Again, my heart burst.

These boys are funny, clever, gentlemanly, hard-working, resilient and determined. They have adapted to each environment they have been thrown into, and not only they, they have flourished.

They have been through unimaginable pain, but they are kind and welcoming to everyone, they literally don’t stop smiling ever, and they will excel in their lives, I can see it.

Juma and Mohamed, we need more people like you! Thanks for the best weekend!

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