On International Women’s Day… we introduce you to, Danika!

08 April 2018

Meet Danika.

For International Women’s Day I would like to celebrate this amazing lady!

We’ve just spent 4 days in Paris following her as she does the most incredible work.

A refugee from Bosnia herself, she now spends her days supporting the men, women and especially the children sleeping on the streets of Paris after fleeing horrible things in their home countries.

She does the most beautiful form of distribution. By spending time in the camps and really getting to know people she carefully looks for who has holes in their shoes or who has newly arrived. She chats to them about what they need, writes down their name, number and shoe size and compiles a list.

The next day she gets those things together and starts calling through the list, delivering them one by one.

It’s time consuming but the most personal, dignified form of distribution I have seen and her calm, caring presence made everyone feel considered and heard.

Not only this, she also personally takes on the responsibility to regularly find temporary places to sleep for some of the most vulnerable kids she comes across.

Whilst in Paris, we made lunch for and gave a bed to some 15 and 16 year old boys who see Danika as a mum. Not only does she make sure they have somewhere to go on a daily basis, she works hard to integrate them into the complicated legal system, getting them into school and able to claim asylum… Anything more permanent and sustainable than their current situation living on the street.

Danika is out distributing every night until the early hours and showed endless patience and compassion in the midst of even the trickiest situations (distribution is still one of the hardest things I have ever done).

This #InternationalWomensDay I would like to celebrate her, as well as all the other incredible women I have come across doing this work. From volunteers to refugees, thank you for inspiring me with your strength, courage and beauty inside and out!

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