Human Rights Day!

It’s Human Rights Day today!

I never saw myself as an activist. It’s not a word I would have ever used or associated with. But these last couple of years I have learnt things I can never unlearn and seen things i can never unsee.

This new knowledge ignited something in me. A passion and a drive that I had never had for anything before… Never have I felt so sure or so strongly about anything. 

Meeting so many amazing people who have been through so much injustice has made me know that it’s our responsibility to stand up and fight for them…for their rights.

So I’m super proud to say that I’ve been asked by @AmnestyUK to be part of their brand new#AmnestyCollective which is launching today!

If anyone wants to find out more about the collective and how they can get involved:

I’ll be posting more about it in the future too.

Happy Human Rights Day my babes…together we can stand up for each others!