Help Hamed

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I can’t believe it.

We reached 10,000 signatures to try and stop the deportation of Hamed on Thursday.

The petition will be going to the Home Office and to Easy Jet today and Sophie can let Hamed know (he’s been taken from her lovely home where he has been living with her husband and three kids and forced into a detention centre until his flight on Thursday).

Hopefully this will buy us some time. Some time to put a case together to show how crazy and senseless and unfair it is to spend so much money deporting Hamed from the life he has finally been able to start to put together.

Hamed is learning English. He’s been playing with the kids, getting stuck into family life. He has biological family here too. He is loved. Sophie’s kids are asking where he is…



He has already been through so much to get here. Unimaginable pain and trauma. But he has made it.

He does not take any benefits, he speaks multiple languages and is young and clever and kind. He has so much to give.

Sophie has booked herself onto his flight on Thursday so she can be there by his side whatever happens, but hopefully they will be celebrating Eid in the UK together instead of flying to Amsterdam.

I’m hoping to go to the airport too to show my support for the lovely Hamed in this life-threatening time.

Keep sending positive vibes my lovelies. I’ll keep posting updates. I can’t stop thinking about what he must be feeling right now. Hopefully the news that 10,000 of us are behind him will bring him some comfort amidst the terror or what is to come…

We’re not giving up yet…

Watch this video of Hamed’s time in the UK so far:

His petition:…/urgently-stop-the-deportatio…