Happy anniversary Mez!

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Two years to the day since he made it to the UK not speaking a word of English…

Mez gets his GCSE results!

Two years ago today my dad got a phone call from Kent social services to say a young boy had been found hiding on top of a lorry coming into Dover…

“An Eritrean boy – in good health, with very little English” said the guy on the phone.

My family stood around that phone eagerly watching my dad spell out his name on the notepad in front of him…
It was the news we had been waiting for.

Two years ago today, that little Eritrean boy was fed a bit of porridge at a centre in Dover, given some dry clothes and huge flip flops and put in a taxi on his own to our house…

He arrived at our door with nothing but his wet coat and dirty trainers in a bin bag.

Two years ago today Mez became my little brother.

Nothing has been the same since that day.

Mez, I love you more and more every single day. You never cease to amaze me.

Who would have thought, that day two years ago when you hardly knew the word ‘hello’ in English, that two years later you would be waking up to your GSCE results.

My babe, you have shown me that we can do anything.

The sky is the limit.

You have also shown me that love for a sibling or a child goes well beyond blood.

We all love you so much Mez.