Fundraising for Scoliosis care in Izmir

This is Fatouse.

Fatouse is a 13 year old Syrian girl with severe scoliosis. She is currently living in Izmir in Turkey.

Two years ago Fatouse’s spine was normal. Today it is curved at over 40 degrees, deteriorating at a rate of 2 degrees per month. If the curving increases to over 60 degrees it will be life threatening. Between 60-80 degrees causes too much pressure on the heart and makes it difficult to breathe, with fatal consequences.

Thankfully, scoliosis is treatable. The goal is to prevent the spine from curving any further through physio and the use of a back brace.

However here in Izmir, where Fatouse lives, there is no formal support for the many Syrians living in the city…

And then there’s Mohammad. Mohammad is a Syrian physiotherapist, with a family, working full time, and in his spare time treating 9 children like Fatouse.

But it’s not enough. In Izmir we know of about 90 children with Scoliosis. Each child needs 3-4 hours of physio each week.

So what can we do about it:

Our partners on the ground, The Tribe Turkey, are supporting the TIAFI community centre in Izmir with the implementation of a long term care program.

Together we are fundraising for £10,000. This money will mean ALL 90 children will get the 3-4 hours of treatment they need each week for the next 2 years.

We are making a long term commitment to them.

The £10,000 needed works out at £100 per child. For two years. It seems so little when you consider the impact it will have on their lives.

Funds raised beyond the target will enable us to provide any additional support to the families we work with in Izmir.

To donate: