From the Jungle to University in London! Congratulations Tesfay!

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Today Tesfay came to visit us at The Worldwide Tribe HQ!

I met Tesfay in the Calais Jungle in early 2015. It was the day he arrived to the camp and we helped him find a tent and put it up. I’m not the best at putting up tents but we figured it out!

I felt so bad leaving him to sleep in that tent that night.

A few months after that he made it to the UK and was placed in Bolton. We went to visit him to bring him some clothes and a phone and stuff because he had arrived with literally nothing. He made us lunch and I remember him telling me how much he wanted to study IT.

Fast forward a year and a half, and he has just moved to London to start his degree in computer science. His student accommodation has been sponsored by an amazing Tribe member and it happens to be just down the road from us.

He looks healthier (he was so skinny last time), happier and excited for the future.

I could not have been happier to see anyone at my table today!

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