Election Day

It’s Election day and by coincidence I happen to be at Heathrow Airport about to board a flight to America.

It would be easy, at times like this, to lose faith in humanity, or at least the level of compassion and love we feel for one another. Not only in America have we been hearing scary amounts of fear-based, hate-based sentiment. Also here in the UK, many newspapers and people have recently been targeting those most in need of our support, the world’s victims of war and terror, and turning them into the enemy. Into people to be scared of. Suggesting that it’s OK to turn our backs on them and encouraging us to do just that…


Sometimes I get gripped by worry about things like Brexit, and this Election and what it all means for the way people feel about one another….

But then I think about the people around me and the real-life, tangible examples and reminders I have of consistent acts of love and kindness.

I think about Dan and Brendan off the coast of Libya, in the middle of a Search and Rescue mission. I think about Kelli delivering mattresses and blankets to Syrian families in Turkey. Of the Sudanese boys in the Jungle always making us tea and welcoming us into their homes, even though they were living in tents. Of Mary at Eko camp. Of Noor, still dancing and smiling and laughing. I think of the thoughtful donations, the beautiful messages, the outpouring of kindness and support which has overwhelmed us all this last year and a half, and has been unwavering.


It doesn’t take long to remember that it’s not about Trump, or May, or Elections or Brexit. It’s not about politics or religion. It’s all much simpler than that. What unites us all is that shared belief in community, in human dignity and in love. I know we all have it. For some it may be buried a little deep…but underneath the layers…it’s there.

This is what I hold on to, knowing that ultimately when you feel it, you don’t want to let it go…because the more we are at one with the rest of humanity and the more that we’re all OK… the better we feel.

We’re all in this together after all.

Images by Sequoia Ziff.