Diaspora: The Places

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Diaspora: The Places.

This last year has taken us from the Jungle in Calais, to Za’atari camp in Jordan, on the border of Syria (home to 80,000 Syrian refugees)…and many places in between.

We have worked in camps in Calais, Dunkirk, Athens, Lesvos, Thessaloniki, Izmir, Istanbul and Jordan, with people at every stage of their journey.

We have met people living in ex-battery chicken factories, abandoned train stations, desert tent cities, squatted school buildings, tomato farms and out on the streets with nothing.

Across Europe and the Middle East, we are seeing the biggest migration of people of our time.

In an attempt to shed some light and understanding on this crazy web of people and places, reasons and journeys, stories and dreams, we bring you Diaspora, our latest full film about this crisis we currently in the midst of…coming soon…