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Our lovely Dan has just got back from search and rescue training in Wales, and tribe member Brendan is just about to begin three weeks of rescue work off the coast of Libya. This is how he’s feeling right now:

“I’ve arrived safe in Malta and being honest, I’m a little nervous. For the next three weeks I’ll be working with Seawatch, a German organisation that I have worked with before in Lesvos.

It was with Seawatch, when on 17th March, I was part of the team that rescued 150 people from a sinking boat near the harbour of Palios.

This work is different to what we did in Lesvos. The Seawatch 2 is a ship which will leave Malta in a few days and head to the Mediterranean Sea, north of Libya, where literally thousands of people are desperately trying to cross, every single day, in dangerous, unseaworthy boats to reach Europe.



The lack of safe passage routes is forcing people into the hands of smuggling rings who care little for the people that they traffic. Over 2,500 people have drowned so far this year trying to make this crossing, with heartless smugglers packing tight the overcrowded boats.

Our governments are complicit in orchestrating this tragedy though, by creating hell on earth in foreign lands, and taking no responsibility for the consequences.

There are a few groups trying to do something to help these lovely people though, and Seawatch are one of the best. I absolutely adore what Seawatch have achieved over the last year or so and I’m immeasurably proud to be part of their team. They have played such an important role in sea based rescues.

I have no idea how many people owe their lives to Seawatch and long may they continue. I have to say though, that they can only continue their life saving work with continued donations. I’m going to document my part in their journey in an effort to highlight both the plight of the people crossing and the incredible work that Seawatch do.”

There will be more updates from Brendan over the next few weeks.

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