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It may look sunny, but winter is well and truly here for our families in Turkey.

This year, we’re trying as best we can to avoid freezing cold nights and sick kids. Whether living in a tent or a house, simple, basic wood heating makes all the difference.

This truck load is for 30 families (around 200 people). 17 tonnes, 700 x 25kg bags – enough to last about a month.

We paid £400.

Only £400!

We’ll do the same tomorrow somewhere else.

Please chuck in some money to give some warm support. We will keep updating you here or over at The Tribe Turkey so you can see exactly the impact of the money raised.


Supporting families with firewood!

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I lost count… but we distributed about 800 bags of firewood today.

Come dusk it was FREEZING. Families here had nothing but plastic and twigs from trees to burn. So when we cranked up the stove inside the tent at the end of the day, it was toasty warm, food could be cooked, and it felt like the biggest relief.

You can support families with wood for winter through our partners The Tribe Turkey here:



We love you, Nagahm!

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“This is Nagahm.

I got a phone call from her dad last night.

My Arabic isn’t so good so we just exchanged some basic greetings, but then he said Nagham wanted to say hello.

Kids love a phone don’t they!

I could hear her dad coaxing her in the background. Then she piped up in her cute little voice…

“I. love. you” she said!


I love you too Nagahm”

Words by our partner in Turkey, Kelli Scott xx

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A winter warmer

It’s FREEZING outside!

Alongside our partners The Tribe Turkey, we’re on a mission to provide wood throughout winter to 100+ refugee families in Turkey.

The families we support live in farming villages around Izmir, where resources are insufficient, it’s sub zero temperatures, and illness is high.

We’ve collected 20% of the target so far but I know we can make this happen!

To give people warmth this winter:te.bt.com/donation/start.html?event=451402

The £5 project is back!


Last year it was amazing and helped many families survive the Winter.

As it gets steadily colder this year, we’re doing it again!

Last year your donations supplied 90 tonnes (3,500 bags) of firewood to hundreds of Syrian families living in farming communities around Izmir, Turkey. It allowed families to keep warm through cold, snowy months, improved health, prevented burning of plastic, and generally lifted people’s spirits.

So, the Challenge:

It’s a long winter ahead. For refugees living in tents in Turkey’s farming communities, battling the cold is difficult. Insufficient resources for heating often resorts in people burning things like plastic and even clothing to keep warm. Every family has a child under five, many have two. The main worry for their parents is keeping their children warm and safe from illness.

Our Solution:

By working with a large local pallet producer, The Five Pound Project buys bags of wood in bulk and distributes to 6 refugee communities where refugee numbers are in the thousands. Engaging directly with the communities enables us to meet family needs efficiently and effectively.

The Outcome:

Families are no longer cold and have peace of mind for their children’s wellbeing!!!

What your donation gives:

£5 – More that a weeks worth of wood
£15 – A month’s worth of wood
£50 – Enough wood for a family for the entire Winter

If you’re feeling the cold yourself and wanna help people stay warm this Winter, please DONATE or SHARE this post!


To find out more, check out our partners The Tribe Turkey

Meet Mohamed, our new hero.


Meet Mohamed.

He’s my new hero.

Mohamed was a physiotherapist back in Syria but when he fled to Turkey with his family, he had to find whatever work that he could to support them.

He now lives in Izmir, a city in Turkey, where I met him.

In his evenings and spare time, he would visit other Syrian families in the area to treat their disabled kids.

There are lots of Syrian children in Izmir suffering from cerebral palsy and scoliosis, often as a result of trauma.

The Syrians in the area have little to no access to health care so these kids were slowly deteriorating, some even dying from things like scoliosis, which can be treated by a physiotherapist like Mohamed.

Recently, an amazing Irish volunteer called Anne (founder of the local community centre TIAFI) recognised this desperate need and promised to pay Mohamed’s wages for the next year, if he could treat these children full time.

We need funds for Mohamed’s physio space inside TIAFI and some very basic equipment like a ‘walking stair’ so he can keep do this life-saving work.

You guys know what to do:

Please SHARE, COMMENT, give us some love, even if you are unable to donate!

Prayers after an emotional day, the news we have been waiting for!


Noor’s Mamma saying her prayers last night after a long, tiring, emotional and amazing day.

Noor, her mamma and her brother Ahmed have been accepted to Canada and should be there within the next few months.

Thank you to all of you who have followed Noor’s journey so far. Every single one of you has contributed to making this happen, from donating to her fundraiser, to sharing her story, to sending her positivity and love.


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An exciting update on Noor!


Today is a day that we’ve been waiting for for a very long time…


It’s actually happening!

After two years of living in limbo, doing everything she can to stay positive whilst stuck in Turkey…she can finally start her new life!

Noor has injuries from when a bomb hit her uni in Damascus, so this move to Canada for her and her fam will also mean the start of the treatment she needs to one day walk again.

It’s a BIG deal that she’s got this far in the process and I felt like I couldn’t not be there for moral support…so yesterday I flew to Ankara last minute to surprise her!

Her interview was super early this morning and I’m currently waiting outside the Canadian Embassy with a Turkish tea (it’s freezing) for any news and for her to finish…

Watch this space, we are so excited!!!!!

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The bakery that keeps on giving!


This Syrian guy owns a bakery in Izmir, Turkey.

It’s my favourite place in the whole city because every time I walk past he gives me free pieces of warm, freshly baked baklava dripping in honey.

Despite being a shop owner, he seems to misunderstand the concept of a shop and every time I select a tray of baklava to buy, he insists on not charging me saying ‘NO MONEY, NO MONEY!’ and shaking his hands in protest.

I have to force notes into his palm or hide coins on the counter and run away.

The bakery is in a predominantly Syrian area of the city where it is clear all around you that people don’t have much. Yet they continue to give everything.

It continues to baffle me.

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This isn’t charity, it’s human connection

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summed up in this beautiful photograph taken by the wonderful TribeTurkey.


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