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The newest member of our family

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Sudanese Man Dies in Paris

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Christmas Happiness Tour: first stop!


First stop on our Christmas Happiness Tour of the UK was Juma and Mohamed in Birmingham.

We met these two brothers in the summer of 2015 in the Jungle and have stayed in touch ever since.

They’re now both studying, working and speaking English.

They welcomed us so lovingly, insisted we stayed over (even giving us their beds so we all had a sleepover in one room), and got up super early to cook us a meat platter for breakfast because they had planned a BBQ today without realising that we had to leave this morning. It didn’t matter though…why not have it for brekkie instead (in December !).

Again, we had come with stockings and homemade mince pies with the plan of bringing them some Christmas treats…but what they brought us was so much more.

Thank you Juma and Mohamed for a really fun night!

Next stop….Kettering to see Besh!

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An update on Calais, October 2017

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Nearly one year since the Jungle was demolished and the situation in Calais is still heart-breaking.

We might not be hearing about it in the news anymore but over 1000 people (lots of them very young), are still living there in a situation that is worse than ever.

The police remove any tents or sleeping bags to discourage people from staying put, so they have nothing, often sleeping out in the rain with no shelter.

Still though, these Sudanese guys laid out a plastic sheet and some prayer mats amongst the trees, got down onto their knees and prayed.

Even when you’ve got nothing, no home, no toilet and the police take your tent and sleeping bag on a daily basis….no one can take your faith and your hope

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Winter: a thought for those still in France and Greece

This is our lovely friend Awad, who we met in the Calais Jungle.

He recently made it to the UK and yesterday, he wrote me this message:

“Sunday! Grey Sky.

I went for walk, putting my headphones in, listening to Michael Bolton- To Love Somebody.

I was looking at the brown leaves, and the smoke coming from the rooftops, and the first thing that came into my mind…WINTER!!

I start answering all the questions that came into my head… You can’t imagine how this winter will be for my brothers and sisters in France and Greece.

I wonder if they are ready to face a new chapter of suffering?

We want to live by each other’s happiness right?

We don’t want to hate one another.

In this world there’s room for everyone and the earth is beautiful and rich and can provide for everyone.

We have the love of humanity in our hearts.

Let us share love to reach out to them.

Let’s come together for a world of reason.

A world where science and progress will lead to all of us happiness.”

Awad, we are thinking about your brothers and sisters in France and Greece too.

Our lovely Awad <3

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