The power of our on-line community!

On Sunday we posted about our friend Val who was on a flight to Jordan to save a container filled with aid which was due to be destroyed.

She needed 2000 signatures on a petition for her meetings with the Jordan Food and Drug Administration and the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology, to release the container, so it could go to the refugees in Za’atari village, near the Syrian border.

Well you guys signed away, and Val DID IT!!!!

The container will not be destroyed and the contents (emergency aid and education supplies) are on the way to Zaa’tari Kids Village and School.

We’ll share the full story soon…Val is currently on a flight home!

In the meantime, here’s a pic of her celebrating the success!

The full story of the destruction can be found on this link:

THANK YOU team RefugEase and everyone who signed!

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Diaspora Film Feature – Al-Kehdawy

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This is Al-Kehdawy, a Syrian grandfather we met in Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan.

He is a magical, gentle man who I bonded with straight away, despite not sharing a common language.

He is an artist and sculptor and spends his long days in the camp making models of traditional Syrian household items. He does this to keep the culture of his beloved homeland alive for the generations below him, who are being born into this camp in the desert, far from their home.

Al-Kehdawy tells his story in our latest film, Diaspora.

Diaspora weaves together the people and places that are STILL affected by the refugee crisis sweeping our world.

It’s 45 minutes long, but please take the time to honour our friends who shared their incredible stories and watch it.

Watch it instead of Love Island tonight (or as well as…you have just enough time before it starts).

This is important.

PLEASE SHARE. Everyone needs to see this.

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To celebrate Eid and Refugee Week, The Worldwide Tribe presents….Diaspora.

From Syrians to Sudanese, from refugees to volunteers, from Europe to the Middle East…millions of people are affected by the refugee crisis we are STILL in the midst of.

People are on the move in the biggest migration the world has ever seen…

…But why?

Where are they going?

Why are they leaving?

Who are these people and what does this mean for the world as we know it?

How is the world responding?

In an attempt to meet those affected and find out…we bring you Diaspora.

Directed and Edited by Jamie Noel

Inspired Challenge – Trek Jordan

After spending some time there last year, our team fell in love with Jordan.

From the hustle and bustle of Amman, to the peaceful sunsets over incredible deserts. From swimming in the Dead Sea to exploring the beautiful ancient city of Petra.

We would love you guys to have the opportunity to experience this beautiful country too, so we have teamed up with our wonderful friends at Inspired Challenge to make that possible!

And not just this…you can do all the above, whilst also raising awareness and support for refugees!

‘Trek Jordan’ is not just a trip, but the experience of a lifetime.

Not only will you have the chance to sample the incredible hospitality of Jordan, a country rich in culture and host to hundreds of thousands of refugees, you’ll also visit projects and schools who support refugees and see first-hand how your donations can make a difference.

Sounds like your kind of thing?

What are you waiting for? Join us!

Visit to learn more now!

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Diaspora: The Places

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Diaspora: The Places.

This last year has taken us from the Jungle in Calais, to Za’atari camp in Jordan, on the border of Syria (home to 80,000 Syrian refugees)…and many places in between.

We have worked in camps in Calais, Dunkirk, Athens, Lesvos, Thessaloniki, Izmir, Istanbul and Jordan, with people at every stage of their journey.

We have met people living in ex-battery chicken factories, abandoned train stations, desert tent cities, squatted school buildings, tomato farms and out on the streets with nothing.

Across Europe and the Middle East, we are seeing the biggest migration of people of our time.

In an attempt to shed some light and understanding on this crazy web of people and places, reasons and journeys, stories and dreams, we bring you Diaspora, our latest full film about this crisis we currently in the midst of…coming soon…

Diaspora: Meet Besh

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Meet Besh.

An amazing friend of ours and a talented musician, he appears in our new film Diaspora.

Diaspora ties together the people we have met and the places we have been over the last year…all affected by the refugee crisis.

Despite travelling to locations throughout Europe and the Middle East, encountering different religions, nationalities, languages, cultures and life stories along the way, we found a common thread…

…to find out what that is…stay tuned. We will be releasing the full film online and for free, over the festive period.

With love,
The Worldwide Tribe

Knit Aid

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“I started Knit Aid in the summer of 2015 as a response to the ongoing reports of the refugee crisis that has been gripping our continent. I had lots of great quality chunky yarn lying around at home, so I decided to use it for some good and knitted some chunky beanies and snoods to send on to the refugees living in Calais. I wanted the donations to be made to the highest quality, the same as I’d make for myself or a loved one.

This knitting project sparked an idea… Could I gather other knitters to do the same? Knitters are always looking for excuses to knit new projects, and knitting for refugees is the perfect way to channel those needs. I set up a Facebook page and it grew in popularity instantly. And that’s where Knit Aid began!




Since last summer, we’ve sent thousands of warm, quality knitted donations like beanies, snoods, scarves, gloves, socks and blankets to refugee camps in France, Greece, Jordan, Turkey and Syria. We’ve encouraged our knitters to attach notes with their donations to show the recipient that there are people who care about them. We’ve been moved on several occasions by these messages attached to lovingly made knits.

Knits have been sent from men, women and children all over the UK and the entire world – as far as USA, Japan, Australia..! The kindness of knitters and their solidarity with refugees has been overwhelming!




We run knitting workshops in London helping people to make their donations, and we also sell unique knitting merchandise. These all help to fundraise for refugee aid charities. We organised a mass knit-in in February, where we gathered as many knitters as we could fit in one place to knit squares which we made into beautiful blankets for refugee families. The event also fundraised money for refugee aid charities sending other types of aid to refugees.


From a personal level, the refugee crisis means a lot to me. My parents migrated to the UK from Bangladesh in the 1950s, and have worked so hard to build our wonderful and free life here in the UK. I can’t help but compare myself to every single one of those people who have had to leave their country for various reasons. That could be me, or my parents, siblings, daughter… My life is worth exactly the same as theirs. They are entitled to exactly the same as me.

I hope Knit Aid can continue to collect knits made with love from all around the world and send them on to people who need them, for as long as it’s needed.”

Thank you, Shahnaz, Founder of Knit Aid, for sharing your story!

To support Knit Aid and the fantastic work they do, see their

To learn more about Knit Aid, visit, and follow @KnitAid on Instagram

If you have a story of your own that you’d like to share, you can submit it through our website:

To hear more stories from our campaign, follow the hastags‪#‎TheWorldwideTribe‬ ‪#‎ShareYourStory‬


United with Love

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Build bridges, not borders.
Choose unity, not separation.
Choose love, not fear.
Go into every situation with an open heart.

We are all connected.
We are all the same.
We are all human.
We all live on this world together and we should share it accordingly.

We must come together in support of one another.

We are one.

The Worldwide Tribe