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Happy Birthday, Noor!


Global family

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How does a Mamma always know when you need a hug!?

This week the team have been in Izmir, visiting our lovely Noor and her family, working along side Kelli & The Tribe Turkey and visiting the surrounding camps.






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To celebrate Eid and Refugee Week, The Worldwide Tribe presents….Diaspora.

From Syrians to Sudanese, from refugees to volunteers, from Europe to the Middle East…millions of people are affected by the refugee crisis we are STILL in the midst of.

People are on the move in the biggest migration the world has ever seen…

…But why?

Where are they going?

Why are they leaving?

Who are these people and what does this mean for the world as we know it?

How is the world responding?

In an attempt to meet those affected and find out…we bring you Diaspora.

Directed and Edited by Jamie Noel

Diaspora Film Feature – Noor

 To celebrate Refugee Week, we are releasing our biggest and longest and best film so far…THIS SUNDAY!

You guys all know Noor by now, I’ve written about her so often! Noor is our beautiful Syrian friend currently stuck in Turkey and one of the most amazing people I have met during my time working with refugees.

Noor’s story features in Diaspora, alongside many other incredible stories told by incredible people.

Diaspora ties together the people we have met and the places we have been over the last year…and how they have all affected by the refugee crisis.

Despite travelling to locations throughout Europe and the Middle East, encountering different religions, nationalities, languages, cultures and life stories along the way, we found a common thread…

To find out what that is…we will be releasing the full film online and for free, on Sunday. Schedule some time in the evening to watch it!!!!

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Happy Birthday Noor!

Please join us in wishing the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to the most amazing girl we have ever met.

Noor…since we met about a year ago, just after you last birthday, I have thought about you every day.

Your positivity and perseverance shines out of you like sunshine.

Happy Birthday our sunshine girl. May this year bring you everything you could wish for. <3

To read more about Noor and her incredible story (from studying Law, to fleeing Syria, to dreaming of walking again)..check out her page on our website.

Photo by the amazing Kelli Scott, who runs The Tribe Turkey

To donate directly to Noor’s future:

The most inspiring girl you will read about this International Women’s Day

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This is Noor, my absolute inspiration.

I often write about her because I am often thinking about her. She is a fighter. A strong, beautiful, intelligent role model for us all.

At 23 years old, Noor was in the final year of her law degree at Damascus university in Syria. She had just finished an exam and was waiting for her three friends to meet her to celebrate. As they walked towards her, a bomb hit their university. Noor watched in horror as their bodies flew into the air in front of her.

Noor’s three friends died that day and her world changed forever. Her body, although physically unharmed, went into shock and her nervous system began to slowly shut down.

Noor’s family decided to flee Syria to find safety and the medical treatment Noor needed. Her mother and brother CARRIED her to Turkey because a wheelchair would have made too much noise as they illegally crossed the border. Devastatingly, they were forced to leave her father behind as he had recently suffered a heart attack (also as a result of the chaos unfolding around him), and was too ill to make the journey.

Noor is now stuck in Turkey, unable to work, unable to get the treatment she needs, and is desperate to get to Europe or America / Canada somehow.

Noor….on a day that we are celebrating women…I want to tell you that your humour and positivity guide me in everything I do. I want to tell you that I am sending you so much love and that I am thinking about you. I’m going to continue fighting for you because I know you would do the same for me if things were the other way round. I’m so grateful to be on this journey with you and I can’t wait to celebrate the day you take those first steps.

I love you. Happy International Women’s Day.

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To donate directly to Noor:

Saint John, New Brunswick


Saint John, New Brunswick. A cute little city in Eastern Canada, right on the Atlantic Ocean.

We need a bit more help to get Noor there!!!!

This is where five amazing people have come forward to act as signatories for a private sponsorship for Noor.

Anna, Abby, Sofija, Tzigane and Sophie are prepared to vouch for Noor, welcome her, find and furnish a home for her family and complete the necessary paperwork to get her to Canada….but they also need £15,000 in a bank account for Noor to be eligible for this amazing opportunity.

Anna and Sofija are medical students, Abby is a radio host, Sophie is doing her masters and Tzigane owns a business. They are all full of love and anticipation for Noor’s arrival, but still need some help from you guys!!!

We’ve raised over £4000 so far but have a little way to go to get Noor out of the difficult situation she currently finds herself in. Trapped not just by borders and governments, but by her body and the lack of access to the medical care she needs.

Lets help these amazing five people by contributing to Noor’s settlement costs, and lets help Noor get her future back:


Beautiful, Strong Girl

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“I love makeup nearly as much as I love walking.” – Noor.

…but Noor can’t walk.

Noor is my Syrian babe. I love her.

This is her with her mamma.

She was in her 4th year of a law degree when a bomb hit her uni and she saw 4 of her friends blow up, as they walked towards her. This caused her nervous system to go into shock and she has not walked since.

Beautiful, clever AND determined. When I met her she was using a shitty old, donated wheelchair with only one footrest, so she had to keep lifting one leg over the other to stop her foot from dragging on the ground. She also has limited movement in her hands so could not manoeuvre the bulky chair herself.

Thanks to the bloody AMAZING Ece Gülşen, she recently got a new, electric one, which has been an absolute game changer in giving her back some independence.

Noor’s mum and brother CARRIED her all the way from Syria to Turkey when they decided to flee. Noor hasn’t been able to go anywhere on her own since the day that bomb hit her uni.

Recently tribe member Kelli Scott had organised to meet Noor in a local park near her home in Izmir, Turkey. As Kelli sat and waited, she was looking out for Noor and her brother, who takes her everywhere….

But suddenly, she got a shock…

There was Noor, coming towards her…on her own!

Kelli was overwhelmed with happiness and overcome with emotion. She knew this was the first time Noor had been able to leave the house independently and knew how much this meant to her. My lovely gals sat and chatted in the park, eating corn and people watching. It was dark by the time they left and Kelli offered to push Noor home, but Noor insisted she would be fine.

Kelli watched as Noor faded into the darkness. On her own with her thoughts.

There she goes, beautiful, strong girl.

My heart bursts for you.

To support Noor in her mission to walk again: